Artist's Studio, Ancram NY, MOS, Architect; 2010MV001.401
Tomales Bay Restoration, Point Reyes CA, National Park Service; 2011EF30.4
Hunters Point Park, Phase 1, Queens NY, Weiss/Manfredi Architects; 2013AV49.470
Textiles, Polartec, Lawrence MA; 2015CP20.480
Montauk House, Montauk NY, Pentagram, Architect; 2006M54.402
Womens Opportunity Center, Kayonza Rwanda, Sharon Davis, Architect; 2013EF09.403
MAD Projects, New York NY, Only If Architects; 2015MV003.418
Harlem, New York NY; 2009AV35.001
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Esto is the photo agency specializing in images of the built environment. With assignment work and a comprehensive picture library, we connect photographers and their work with designers, publishers and others interested in the photographs.

What’s new
The Center for Architecture presents Reading Room: A Catalog of New York City’s Branch Libraries, Elizabeth Felicella’s extensive photographic documentation of all 211 branches of New York City’s public library systems. Esto is pleased to be representing Felicella for her ...more
The Henderson-Hopkins School in Baltimore, designed by Rogers Architects and photographed by Esto’s Albert Vecerka, has received an Award of Excellence from the AIA Committee on Architecture for Education. There are 700 students, from pre-school through 8th grade, and the ...more
The exterior lighting of the Daryl Roth Theatre in New York was designed by Cline Bettridge Bernstein. The 1907 Union Square Bank Building, designed by Henry Bacon, is protected as a New York City Landmark. Architectural Lighting Magazine cited the ...more

About Esto
Esto knows what it takes to create dynamic images of architecture and design, and we know how to ensure that an assignment is… more
Ezra Stoller (1915-2004) is considered the dean of American architectural photographers. He studied architecture in the 1930s and his interest in modern design was formed at that time. more
Esto’s in-house production team works with you to deliver the highest quality digital output, according to your specifications and… more

Ongoing Projects
David Sundberg toured the construction site on Governors Island recently and came back with some of the first images we’ve seen of the Hills, a new portion of the park designed by West8. more
Jeff Goldberg captures the ever-changing landscape in lower Manhattan. more
David Sundberg was in McAdoo, Texas making photographs for his on-going project about alternative energy. more
Ezra Stoller
Stoller was the pre-eminent American architectural photographer; his images define Mid-Century Modernism